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Student Participant Information

Participating in the SEAS R&D showcase can be a beneficial experience for students and provides a chance to develop their skills in presenting their research. The 2022 showcase will be held in person on April 22nd.

Every undergraduate, master, PhD students, postdoctoral scholars, and research scientists are welcome to submit abstracts to the showcase. Students from other schools are also welcome.


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There will be no judge prizes awarded this year. But we will give small gifts to showcase participants (one for each poster).

Timeline and Agenda

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2022 R&D Showcase Timeline

  • March 11 – Student Participant Application Due

Apply Here 

  • April 18 – Poster PDFs Due

     Poster Submission 

  • April 22 (Showcase Day)

2022 R&D Showcase Day Agenda

11:30 am – 12:30 pm    Student Participant Check-In (SEH First Floor)
12:30 pm        Opening remarks: Pamela Norris, Vice Provost for Research   
12:35 – 2:00 pm    Poster Session
2:15 pm    Closing remarks: John Lach, SEAS Dean

Abstract Guidelines

Please submit an abstract with a 200 word limit as a PDF via the “Apply Here” link above.

Poster Guidelines

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Your poster will measure 36” x 48” (landscape) and will be clipped to a tri-fold foam board (clips and foam boards will be provided on Showcase day). The Dean’s Office will not be responsible for the cost of printing your poster. However, you may ask your department or your project mentor if they are willing to cover the cost of printing. Please be sure to use the new GW and SEAS branding (ZIP) on your poster. Watch this NIH presentation (PDF) for tips on how to make an interesting research poster. Here is a Sample Poster (PDF) from a previous winner.

GW Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Commercialization Activities

GW's Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIE) has trained over 1,100 teams in the United States and held over 45 international programs with researchers and faculty from universities, NGOs, and government agencies. A key element of OIE's programming is the mentorship provided. Mentors guide participants holistically on how to conceptualize and approach their business model formation. Launching in January 2022, GW will lead the newNSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Mid-Atlantic Hub, and continue to help researchers realize the commercial potential of their discoveries. GW's position as one of the first institutions to implement I-Corps has led to numerous successes in bringing innovations to market. In addition, students and faculty who qualify for the National I-Corps program can receive $50,000 in support funding. 

The Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship's programs are geared toward participants with only some prior knowledge of entrepreneurship. To learn more about trainings and grant opportunities that may serve your team, attend a 1-hour free Introduction to Lean Innovation webinar. The virtual webinars are open to all who are interested in innovation, whether participants already have a commercializable discovery to pursue or not. The ILIs provide an overview of the entrepreneurial process and key stops along the path toward commercialization, as well as the basics of Lean Startup. Sign-up for our next session at 

For more information, please contact Kerry Slattery at [email protected].


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As we get closer to the day of the R&D Showcase, student participants will receive additional information regarding event logistics and any other important information.

Good Luck!