Student Participant Information

Participating in the SEAS R&D and Senior Design showcase can be a beneficial experience for students and provides a chance to develop their skills in presenting their research. The 2023 showcase will be held in person on April 28th.

Every undergraduate, master, PhD students, postdoctoral scholars, and research scientists are welcome to submit abstracts to the showcase. Students from other schools are also welcome.



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There will be no judge prizes awarded by the School this year. However, showcase participants will be given a gift bag as a “thank you” for taking part in the showcase (one for each poster).

Timeline and Agenda

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2023 R&D and Senior Showcase Timeline

  • March 24 – Student Participant Application Due

Apply Here  

  • April 10-21  – Poster PDF Submission Due

Poster Submission

  • April 28 (Showcase Day)


2023 R&D and Senior Design Showcase Day Agenda

As we get closer to the day of the R&D Showcase, the agenda will be available.


Abstract Guidelines

Please submit an abstract with a 200 word limit as a PDF via the “Apply Here” link above.

Poster Guidelines

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Your poster will measure 36” x 48” (landscape) and will be clipped to a tri-fold foam board (clips and foam boards will be provided on Showcase day). The Dean’s Office will not be responsible for the cost of printing your poster. However, you may ask your department or your project mentor if they are willing to cover the cost of printing. Please be sure to use the new GW and GW Engineering branding (ZIP) on your poster. Watch this NIH presentation (PDF) for tips on how to make an interesting research poster. Here is a Sample Poster (PDF) from a previous winner.

Resources for printing your poster will be forthcoming.


GW Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Commercialization Award

Each year GW’s Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (OIE) supports participants in the SEAS R&D Showcase to grow their research projects by learning about commercialization.  Three separate entrants are selected to receive $1000 each.  All participants are eligible to apply. As part of the award, winners take a two-week GW National Science Foundation (NSF) Regional I-Corps Short Course that

  • Prepares researchers for commercialization.
  • Increases the potential for researcher success in the next phase of development.
  • Helps researchers identify their first customers.
  • Helps researchers build the right product initially, with limited funding, based on market feedback.
  • Introduces teams to a community of fellow I-Corps participants.

Members of the selection committee look for entrants for who can demonstrate the clearest near-term path toward commercialization.  Criteria for selection are as follows:

  1. Clear articulation of target costumer or user of the research
  2. Clear articulation of the customer “problem” that the research aims to solve
  3. Clear demonstration of analysis of current alternative solutions which helps the researcher identify areas of improvement
  4. Clear value or benefit statement (social, environmental, etc.) of intended solution relative to these current alternatives

To apply/enter look for this question when you submit your poster PDF.

For more information, please contact Kerry Slattery at [email protected].



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As we get closer to the day of the R&D and Senior Design Showcase, student participants will receive additional information regarding event logistics and any other important information.

Good Luck!